Gift a painting gift voucher

Pay the amount that you want to contribute to your friend as a gift, they can buy the painting with that gift voucher.

& drop the transaction screen shot to our whatsapp chat box or email us on

Q. If you want to present an awesome paintings or sketches to some one, but you don’t have any good or clear image? Don’t worry !
A. You can simply buy a gift certificate / gift voucher from us and gift it to them, they can get their required painting or sketches made by us  

You can buy it for whom?
any one including you

Q. Advantage of gift certificate?
You don’t have to spend time on placing order / image sharing / follow up / painting collection etc.

Q. How to use Gift Certificate?
A. Well! that’s very easy, Follow any of these process and get it done.
*    Call us on +91-7774099935 / 6 and give the required information written on gift certificate.
*    Send a picture of your gift certificate in our email / whatsapp ( Email:  ) / (whatsapp: +91-7774099935).
*    Send your gift certificate to our address.
*    Come to our website Live Chat box  and leave your gift certificate details along with your message and  in our online chat box

Q. How to buy gift certificate from us?
A. give us a call on +91-7774099935/6

Q. Expiry date of gift certificate?
A. generally Twelve Months from purchase date.
Also you can increase expiry date by paying 2% extra for every month)
Example: If the certificate value is 100 RS,  and you want expiry date for 18 months, in that case you have to pay 2% for six months (2% X 6)=12% extra.


* you can purchase a gift certificate Maximum validity 36 months.
* You can use a gift certificate only to get paintings or sketches, you cant claim money instead painting / sketch.
* Gift award amount can be 
₹1,500 to ₹30,00,000/-

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