Portrait paintings from photos

Making portrait painting from photographs is a process, where artist can capture the life of the subject. A hand painted portrait from photo graphs, indeed has a potential to grab the moment and catch the feelings. In other words, a portrait painting reveals the important aspects of the subject (whether it’s people or animals) personality.Artist can steal passing expressions from the subject of the photograph, and reproduce it to a beautiful painted portrait with the personal touch the paints have. Art has the capacity to articulate the emotions more than the words do.  A portrait painting gift, painted for your loved ones, carry your heartful and true feelings that no other gift could ever do. In fact, life is all about embracing beautiful memories.  Provided that, we are at kalakari.in, capture your photo memories and convert them into a stunning piece of artwork. “ A treasured memory for you and your next generations ” Quality of work builds in our mind and creates with our heart… Turn a photo into a handmade pencil sketch / paintings.

Canvas painting as gift is best idea to impress any one

Would you like to amaze your special person with personalized portrait gift? Worried where to find a best sketch portrait artist?

Chill !!     Kalakari.in is a perfect solution for your search.order a sketch online  It is the best website, to order a commissioned portrait online.

Artist makes portrait of people and animals, from the photographs.
Order placing is a simple process. Select the size and medium of the sketch or painting and email us the photo graph. (Want help – WhatsApp: 7774099936/7774099935)

Get your favorite bike or car painted on canvas

Are you a car lover or any of your beloved ones love cars? An oil portrait painting of their favorite car will be an amazing gift.

Oil on canvas – portrait paintings of cars and any vehicle. Get your favorite car, favorite bike, and any vehicle hand painted on canvas.

Whether it is a classic car, exotic car, racing bike or a super bike: Share us your photo graph of the car and bike, get it beautifully hand painted on canvas

Car painting. vehicle painting

Recent art work

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Explore all different types of paintings. Photo to children portraits, wedding portrait painting for anniversary gifts, photo to old man portrait, couple sketch from photographs, family paintings and Army and soldier paintings. Whatever is your requirement, we are here to provide you with the quality service. Order your portrait today

Baby Paintings

Wedding Couple Paintings

Old people paintings

Custom Couple Paintings

Family Paintings

Defence paintings

Art is a source to save your fleeting memories

As time passes, we all get older and everything gets change, like wise your fleeting moments disappears with the time. But hand painted artwork stays forever on your walls, as a memory of your cherished moments with your family, friends, and colleagues: A memory of your trip to a beautiful place, a memory of a moment when you met a special person and many more. So, Art is a special source to save your lifetime pleasurable moments.

Ordering a sketch/painting at Kalakari.in is like the walk in the park!

20 year of portrait sketching service. We give our best shot to make sure your satisfaction with our quality art work and your portrait sketch.

Just Email/WhatsApp us the photo and Relax! We do the rest and give the best masterpiece!

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Photo to animal painting. Pet portrait sketches in pencil color. Dog paintings

Pet portrait. Dog sketch

Animal portrait paintings

convert my pet photo to painting. dog photo to sketch. dog pencil color sketch made from photograph.

pet portrait painting from picture
Handmade Shivaji maharaj Painting

Historical paintings

Shivaji historical paintings|Indian historical paintings|Radha Krishna paintings|Modern Indian paintings|Famous paintings

Pet portrait. Dog sketch

Pet Portrait Paintings

Custom hand painted pet portraits|Cat portrait paintings from photo|Dog portrait from photograph|Animal pet paintings|Custom hand painted pet portraits from photo|Cherish your pet forever|

painting illustration painter in Pune, India

Painting illustration

Painting illustration handmade|Fine art painted|Portrait artist|buy illustration paintings|Unique paintings|Original hand painted illustration paintings and artworks

Abstract paintings for home

Abstract paintings

Original hand painted abstract paintings|abstract paintings for home decoration|abstract paintings for office areas|abstract paintings for hospitals|abstract paintings for library

Montage painting portraits

Montage Portrait Paintings

Hand painted montage paintings|Select any photo , any star, any design, or any famous painting and we turn your photo into that particular style in painting. Originally hand painted montage portrait paintings

water lake in maharashtra india painting

Land and Sea scape paintings

Buy original landscape paintings|Order a unique Seascape painting|original hand painted cityscape paintings|watercolor seacscape paintings|oil and acrylic landscape paintings hand painted

hand-painted portrait

Personalized Gift

A handmade painted portrait carry your true feelings to the person you are gifting and also It is a unique way to depict the passing expressions of the person.

Professional portrait artist in India

Choose a professional Artist

A handmade artwork made in any medium live for many hundred years. It will be a precious memory for your next generations to come. So, choosing a professional artist to create your master piece is must

easy way of order a portrait gift

Simple Process

Just email/WhatsApp us the image and get relax. We do the rest and give the best.

best online website to order a portrait painting

100% satisfaction

We send you the final preview. You can inspect and instruct the modifications until you get satisfied

Sketch, painting or gift selection ideas for variety painting medium

Kalakari.in is the one stop place for all types of handmade paintings. Artist Creates oil paintings on canvas, oil portrait paintings and hand painted art works. Convert your precious photographs into hand painted original oil portraits. 100% oil painted canvas paintings from the professional oil portrait artist in Pune, Mumbai, India.
Oil paintings are termed as centuries of art. Oil painting is the sovereign of all painting mediums with 500 years of intimidating history. Portrait art created by oil colors is so realistic and amazing that it looks like a magic. The glowing colors in oil painting are so rich and fascinating, we create different paintings according to your requirement. Landscapes, sceneries, abstract paintings, pet portraits etc. We also recreate the existing artworks. Make paintings from photographs as per your requirement. If you have any special instructions, like joining different photos into one oil painting. Creating painting from very old and less quality photos. Creating amazing art works by adding beautiful sceneries and backgrounds to your images. We have unlimited options for oil portrait sketch and canvas paintings.

Oil painting is the best painting for portrait as well as landscape scenery, oil paint gives life to the painting, paintings are available in different sizes (A3, A2, A1, A0, 2A0, 4A0 & customize)

Recommended size per face for portrait
1 face : A3 / A2 / A1
2 faces: A2 / A1 / A0
3 faces: A1 / A0 / 2A0
If more than 3 faces minimum A0 size is recommended 

(Customized  size also available here) 


Handmade acrylic painting is the best and a personalized gift.  Turn your beloved ones photo to an amazing handmade acrylic painting. Mesmerize them with the realistic and beautiful painting created by our Artist. Explore our paintings here in our online art gallery and choose the best choice of your interest whether it’s a painting or a portrait. Kalakari.in is, the world’s best handmade paintings platform. Especially for art lovers and art enthusiasts. People can buy and order for their painting from any part of India and world. Partha Biswas is a unique and the best artist in pune and India. He is specialized in portrait and acrylic painting portrait art.

Acrylic painting is very good to represent reality in painting for portrait, landscape scenery.  Paintings are available in different sizes (A3, A2, A1, A0, 2A0, 4A0 & customize)

Recommended size per face for portrait
1 face : A3 / A2 / A1
2 faces: A2 / A1 / A0
3 faces: A1 / A0 / 2A0
If more than 3 faces minimum A0 size is recommended 

(Customized  size also available here) 


Custom handmade watercolor portrait paintings from your photos. Watercolor portrait is the exceptional gift. Artist Partha Biswas is an amazing watercolor artist in Pune, Mumbai, India.  He not only details the visual representation of the subject, but also depicts the essence of the person or the photograph in his Art. Order online for your art work and get a masterpiece at your doorstep.

Due to water color’s texture, impression of this painting comes like more handmade, that attracts people most of the time. water color is good medium to go with nature, scenery portrait etc.

 Recommended size per face for portrait

1 face : A4 / A3 / A2
2 faces: A3 / A2 / A1 
3 faces: A2 / A1 / A0
If more than 3 faces minimum A1 size is recommended 

(Customized  size also available here) 


Colored Pencil portrait is a unique gift. Order for handmade colored pencil portrait. Turn photo to realistic handmade colored pencil portrait drawing. Convert damaged photo to quality portrait painting. Please your loved ones with great gifts.
Get the masterpiece of your color pencil sketch from the best portrait artist in pune, Mumbai, India. Color pencil drawing art is a sort of innovation and it gives a beautiful rendition. Artist Partha Biswas has a creative potential in making handmade sketches and paintings in color pencil medium. He astonishes the art collectors with his marvelous artwork in various styles of realistic portraits, abstract paintings, sceneries and many more.

Portrait with color pencil is quite attractive in sketch medium. Color pencil sketch basically made on paper.

 Recommended size per face for portrait

1 face : A4 / A3 / A2
2 faces: A3 / A2 / A1 
3 faces: A2 / A1 / A0
If more than 3 faces minimum A1 size is recommended 

(Customized  size also available here) 


Black and white portrait painting and Sketch with charcoal. Turn your photo into handmade charcoal portrait paintings and sketches. Artist Partha Biswas is specialized in portraits and professional in charcoal drawing. Handmade paintings are memorable gifts for birthday, anniversaries and any occasions. Experience the glimpse of our realistic and modern artwork at our art gallery. The best online art gallery in Mumbai, India. We provide purely handmade paintings, with the best quality and at affordable cost to everyone. Order for your Masterpiece now.

Contrast of charcoal sketch is very high, due to charcoal’s extreme dark shading this is best possible sketch in black and white. Landscape scenery and portrait can look very attractive in charcoal sketch medium

Recommended size per face for portrait
1 face : A4 / A3 / A2
2 faces: A3 / A2 / A1 
3 faces: A2 / A1 / A0
If more than 3 faces minimum A1 size is recommended 

(Customized  size also available here) 

Hand painted portraits, pencil sketches by a great portrait artist in Pune, Mumbai, India. Turn your favorite photo memories into a realistic handmade pencil sketch. Handmade pencil sketches are amazing gifts for birthday, 

marriage and any anniversary.
Portrait paintings are personalized gifts which create an eternal impression in your loved ones heart. Original handmade art is a unique gift.

Partha Biswas is a specialized artist in portrait pencil drawing. He creates 100% original hand drawn sketches and paintings at affordable cost. Order for your portrait drawing, custom pet portrait now. Get a masterpiece of your art from our experienced and the best artist in India.

Graphite pencil sketch is very good in gray scale level. Pencil sketch on paper is  good choice as small gift. Landscape scenery and portrait can look very good in pencil sketch medium

Recommended size per face for portrait
1 face : A4 / A3 / A2
2 faces: A3 / A2 / A1 
3 faces: A2 / A1 / A0
If more than 3 faces minimum A1 size is recommended

(Customized  size also available here) 


Oil Pastel is basically made on paper or on canvas board, Nature, Portrait, Landscape or any other type of objects can be done with oil pastel medium, it has its own style and stroke, that is the beauty of this painting.

Individual photos to a single family portrait

Merge multiple photos into a single custom portrait painting

No worries. We will do that for you.

Send us the individual photos which you want to combine for a single portrait. Discuss with us the positions and how it should look in a final painting. We will prepare the idea and send it to you for your approval. After your approval we start working on your portrait painting or sketch. The final, single art piece of your individual photos will mesmerize you.

Just like below sketch made from individual photos.

pencil color sketch made from individual photos

We have converted, these three (Left side) images to a single portrait sketch (Right side). You can see, this realistic portrait painting is looking like as it is made from a single photograph.


We have converted, these three (above) images to a single portrait sketch (below). You can see, this realistic portrait painting is looking like as it is made from a single photograph.

couple pencil color sketch

Present a gift voucher that will be valuable forever. Handmade painting / sketch is an admirable memory. Any occasion, Birthday, Marriage days, Anniversaries, festivals, Valentine’s Day, women’s day, Men’s day, Thank you gifts and many more. Give a handmade painting/sketch gift certificate to your beloved ones.

        Kalakari.in is aimed at giving qualitative and original paintings. Artist Partha Biswas gives insight into the culture and lives of the people and makes intricately inspiring and fascinating paintings which astonish the people by his eminent art. He promotes the beauty and resilience of nature, sceneries, and people through different mediums of his visual art. He reflects his deep passion and sense of colors through his arts. The subjects covered in Partha Biswas paintings consists of sceneries, landscapes, people, nature, nudes, statues, different aspects of man-women relationships, contacts, emotions, revelations and more.
You also can give an order for the painting you want to sketch for. Simply send in Whatsapp ☏ 7774099935 / email (artistparthabiswas@gmail.com) your photo with good resolution and get it sketched / Painted as quickly as you want.
Distance doesn’t matter to get something, desire something, you will definitely get it in your hand – Artist Partha Biswas.
Pune, Maharashtra, India

When photography was not developed portrait artists always have their subject model to draw or paint their portrait artwork. Live painting is a time consuming portrait making process and also it’s difficult for the client to sit for so long time in a single position. If not in a single sitting, client and artist need to adjust their timings for multiple sittings. As soon as the photography is invented, portrait painters started using the photograph to make portrait, which is a convenient option to the client as well as the painter to sit and draw portrait at his art studio. If the artist in experienced and have done few live paintings earlier, he can create a life like paintings from photos as well.

You just need to make sure to send high resolution image for more quality painting.

NOTE:  All Custom sketches and paintings are completely hand painted, great quality and with high grade materials and solely authorized by Artist Partha Biswas.
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